What is safety equipment?

Personal Protective Equipment is a device, tool or material designed to be worn, mount or carried by personel in order to prevent one or multiple health or safety risks.

Safety goggles used in industry, helmets, harnesses are examples for personel protectives.

Like all the products that carry CE sign, human health, safety for life and property are minimum safety requirements that PPE should have in terms of protecting environment and consumer.

Against which risk Personal Protective Equipment offer protection is important in PPEs’ categorization:
  • Category 0: Personal Protective Equipment which does not comply with “PPE regulation”.
  • Category 1: Simple Personal Protective Equipment which offer protection against the low-level risks that appear and can be realized on time, can be evaluated by the users themselves.
  • Category 2: Personal Protective Equipment that neither belong to Category-1 nor to Category-3.
  • Category 3: Complex Personal Protective Equipment that offers protection against the risks that appear suddenly, in the situations when user can not realize on time, that carry vital danger and able to give serious and permanent harms that are not recoverable to health.



Strong ABS material – The advantage of ABS is the material combines the strength and rigidity of the acrylonitrile and styrene polymers with the toughness of the polybutadiene rubber.
Low Temperature -30°C – The helmet provides EN 397 + A1:2012 protection when worn at or above this temperature.

Designed to take the weight off your shoulders… At only 360g, the Concept safety helmet is 20% lighter than most other helmets, providing the user with the lightest, strongest and most comfortable helmet available. Softly rounded design, which helps to avoid helmet parts snagging on branches etc.
The BBU® CNG-500 safety helmet has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of both construction and industrial needs with safety and comfort in mind.

Comfort via ventilation as standard, Textile cradle, sweatband and an overall well balanced and secure helmet.
BBU® safety helmet is designed for today’s highest risk environments where high impact / side impact situations are a concern such as Construction, Mining, Tunneling, Demolition, Oil and Gas, Offshore Marine, Refinery and Petrochemical

• Modern design
• Short brim: The short brim giving a broader field of view.
• Low weight and optimized protection area
• Extremely Comfortable Internal Textile webbing have OekoTex®
• High wearing comfort and secure fit through ergonomically formed, height-adjustable suspension
• Self-adjusting crown straps ensure a comfortable fit
• Available in a variety of colors and sizes
• 4-point or 6-point webbing Alternative suspensions
• Size 53-63cm
• Strong ratchet suspension
• Accessory slot 30 mm
• Imitation leather sweatband as standard, it has OekoTex®
• Chinstrap holder
• Space for company name: Surface for printing a logotype, brand name, etc

Colours: Grey, Yellow, White, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Pink, turquoise and Hi-Viz

EN 397 +A1: 2012

EN 50365 CLASS 0